White House Press Corps Slashed in HALF for Briefing Room “Social Distancing”

(RightWingAmericans.com) – Not only is the White House encouraging people to take “social distancing” seriously as the coronavirus spreads across the United States, but they are setting an example by slashing the Press Corps in half. The tiny White House briefing room could potentially allow for easy spreading of the virus if someone in attendance was infected, leading officials to slash the attendees in half and seat people further away from one another.

Usually, reporters are made to sit very closely together in seven rows. A total of 49 people can sit down, but photographers and journalists are typically seen standing at either side of the seats.

To encourage “social distancing,” a measure encouraged by world governments to reduce human interaction and the spread of the virus, the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) adjusted the seating chart for the room and reduced the number of attendees significantly.

I guess that just means less fake news journalists in attendance!

The new policy was put in place on Sunday following the advice set out by doctors. The association also encouraged journalists to start working from home where possible, and for news organizations to send fewer journalists to the White House.

CBS journalist Weijia Jiang commented on the decision on Twitter, describing it as the “new normal.”

“This is the White House briefing room where @VP @realDonaldTrump, and officials give us the latest on #CoronavirusOutbreak,” she said, showing an image of the empty briefing room and large notices attached the back of every other seat.

The signs attached to the seats read: