WEAR MASKS IN PUBLIC: CDC Issues New Recommendation to Americans

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new recommendation to Americans to wear non-medical face coverings when out in public, in a move some may describe as a U-turn. The new advice reverses the organization’s previous position that masks were largely ineffective.

Last Friday, President Donald Trump used his daily Coronavirus Task Force press briefings to make the announcement and advise that people wear some kind of face-covering in public. Trump emphasized, however, that the recommendation from the CDC was precisely that, a recommendation, and that he personally will not be covering his face during government business.

To be clear, wearing non-medical face coverings is unlikely to stop someone from breathing in the virus, but it could significantly reduce the number of aerosolized droplets being breathed into the air by people in confined spaces. When more people wear fabric masks, scarves, or bandanas, then it may be possible to reduce the spread of the virus even more.

On April 3, researcher Lex Fridman posted a visualization of how coughing, breathing, and talking can spread the virus.

The visualization shows just how impactful wearing a face covering can be.

While Americans play their part in trying to reduce the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, the White House begins rolling out new quick-result tests that can determine whether a person is infected within minutes. The White House is also planning on administering the tests regularly to anyone who comes in to contact with Vice President Mike Pence or President Donald Trump.