WATCH: Biden Pulls Down Mask, Keeps Touching Face, During RARE Public Event

( Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, appeared in public for the first time in a while on Wednesday. During a brief trip to the HideAway Sports Bar in Landsdowne (aptly named, right?), the former vice president wore a mask but broke protocol by removing it and repeatedly touching his face.

After spending months in his basement hiding from the coronavirus, you’d think by now Biden would understand that touching your face and mouth while outdoors is a terrible idea.

During a brief speech during a staged discussion event, Biden pulled off his mask, made a few platitudes to local business owners, and touched his mouth a total of four times.

Sitting at a table with business owners, he reminded them that they are the “soul of the country.”

Which is interesting, because the Black Lives Matter organization that he supports is anti-capitalist. It’s true. Just check out the Black Lives Matter website and you’ll see one of their aims is to literally bring down the capitalist system.

“What you’re doing in your communities is being done all over the country,” Biden said, presumably talking about them…running businesses?

Check out the video below. It’s awkward, like all of his other appearances, and made worse by the fact he can’t stop touching his face.

And in the video below, you can see Biden struggling with the mask before ultimately letting it sit below his chin.

Biden should know that the purpose of using a mask is to prevent aerosolized droplets of saliva from leaving your mouth and getting into the air. If he is carrying the Chinese coronavirus without realizing, he potentially just infected the people around him!