Virginia Lawmakers Vote To Give ILLEGAL Aliens Driving Licenses


( – It looks like the trend of illegal aliens being given a free ride is continuing in Virginia after lawmakers pass legislation making it possible for them to obtain driving licenses. Legislation has passed through both chambers of the Virginia state Legislature that gives illegals the chance to obtain official United States identification cards.

State Senate and House of Delegates lawmakers passed HB 1211 and SB34.

State senators passed their legislation with a majority of four (22-18) and the House passed their respective legislation with a majority of 15 (57-42). Legislature passed in the Senate was introduced by Senator Scott Surovell, and it permits illegal aliens who live in the state to obtain a standard driving license.

In order to do so, illegal aliens simply need to prove that they have filed an income tax return. It does also come with the caveat that the card will come with text included stating that it is not a form of valid ID that can be used for public benefits or voting.

The House legislation, however, goes further by suggesting that the IDs should be conventional driving licenses, meaning they have all the same legitimacy as a card carried by a legal US citizen.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means that Virginia is set to officially become the next step that allows illegals to apply for a driver’s license. This is currently available in 14 other states, including New Jersey and New York.

Passing these laws appears to be a vigorous attempt to beat President Donald Trump’s promise to curb illegal immigration and fix the system once and for all. Proposals like this have been made in the past in Virginia, but this is the first time it has been successful.

The fact that Virginia is no longer under Republican control means that the Democrats have free rein to pass whatever crazy laws they like.

As well as making life easy for illegal aliens who bypassed the proper immigration system, Virginia Democrats are already engaged in legislative offensive passing LGBT rights, marijuana decriminalization, and union bills.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, the Virginia Republican spokesman John March said, “The United States needs to work on fixing the crisis at the southern border before we start granting rights to noncitizens.”