Virginia Gov Announced Stay-At-Home Order Until June 10

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- Democratic Governor for Virginia, Ralph Northam, announced one of the longest stay-at-home orders anywhere in the United States. On Monday, the state governor announced that all citizens will be expected to stay at home, except for essential travel, until June 10.

Virginia residents will be impacted by a barely-functioning economy for at least another six weeks, state governments work with the White House in this battle to reduce the spread of the disease.

In a statement, Northam’s office said the order “directs all Virginians to stay home except in extremely limited circumstances.”

“Individuals may leave their residence for allowable travel, including to seek medical attention, work, care for family or household members, obtain goods and services like groceries, prescriptions, and others as outlined in Executive Order Fifty-Three, and engage in outdoor activity with strict social distancing requirements,” it continued.

The stay-at-home order is extremely similar to the one imposed in the United Kingdom. After Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to get British citizens to reduce social interaction voluntarily, he was forced to put an order in place that tells people to stay at home unless exercising or engaging in “essential travel.”

According to the Virginia order, all institutions of higher education must immediately stop in-person classes and instruction.

“Private campgrounds must close for short-term stays, and beaches will be closed state-wide except for fishing and exercise,” it reads.

Northam’s instructions come as he issues warnings to the people who are not already complying with the social distancing recommendations. In a video posted to his Twitter account, the governor called those ignoring the rules “selfish.”

“You are putting all of us at risk, especially our healthcare providers,” he said.