U.S. Records More Coronavirus Cases In Last Two Weeks Than Entire Month Of June

(RightWingAmericans.com)- It seems the United States “achieves” a daunting coronavirus milestone almost every day.

Over the last two weeks alone, there have been more than 915,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. That’s more than the whole country recorded for the entire month of June.

With the virus spreading like wildfire in many places across the country, leaders are starting to say some states re-opened way too soon. But it wasn’t just the fact that states opened. It was the behavior of people following the re-openings that have led to this significant surge.

People were eager and anxious to get back to their old routines. So, they packed bars, spent time with family and friends, and took to the beach as the weather began to warm up.

Many of the states that re-opened early just so happened to be ones in warmer climates, and just so happened to do so around Memorial Day. That has now proven to be a recipe for disaster, as the surge in coronavirus in the American Southwest and South can be linked to travel and gatherings around the holiday.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinate, said as much on Fox News on Wednesday. She said:

“This epidemic all appeared across the South and the West after June 10 simultaneously. We saw wide virus spread across counties, across rural areas, across small metros and big metros, all the way across the South, Southwest and West, almost simultaneously.”

In response to the outbreaks, more than half of states have either rolled back or hit pause on their re-opening plans. Some cities have warned that another full lockdown could be around the corner.

In Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms did just that, rolling back to Phase 1 of their re-opening plans. That requires people to stay in their homes except to make essential trips.

States are trying to force change through these requirements. Almost every state requires people to wear face coverings when in public, and most limit the size of gatherings and enforce social-distancing measures.

But some experts say none of this will have a true positive effect unless people decide to change their habits. As the chair and president of ACCESS Health International, William Haseltine, said:

“Masks will help, but I think we need a lot more than masks to contain this epidemic that’s running through our country like a freight train. Until we see major changes of behavior, and until we see the public health services here stepping forward with many more resources, we aren’t sure of containing this.”

Recent surges have pushed California to the top of the list as the state with the most cases. Texas continues to break hospitalization records. ICU beds are completely full in close to 50 hospitals throughout Florida. And Louisiana is set to top the 100,000 infection mark, which would put it in the ominous group with 11 other states that have crossed that threshold.