Twitter Takes Down Over 20k Chinese Propaganda Accounts

( Social media platform Twitter took action against more than 20,000 accounts being operated by Chinese propagandists. The network announced on Tuesday that the accounts were being used by agents of the Chinese Communist Party, spreading disinformation and propaganda. While Twitter probably wouldn’t admit it, the propaganda being disseminated from the Chinese accounts appear to target the Republicans and Trump more than they do Democrats.

“Despite the volume, the core 23,750 accounts we are publishing to the archive were largely caught early and failed to achieve considerable traction on the service, typically holding low follower accounts and low engagement,” a statement from Twitter explains. “Of the approximately 150,000 amplifier accounts, the majority had little to no follower accounts either and were strategically designed to artificially inflate impression metrics and engage with the core accounts.”

The accounts are deleted at the same time Chinese propaganda networks publish articles spouting the same far-left talking points as Democrat-leaning outlets in America, accusing Trump and the United States of “white supremacy.”

Twitter said that the entire network of accounts they removed was “Involved in a range of manipulative and coordinated activities.” The social network claimed that they tweeted predominantly in Chinese and were spreading narratives beneficial and complementary to the Chinese Communist Party. The accounts were also attempting to push “deceptive narratives about the political dynamics in Hong Kong.”

It’s interesting that they focus on Hong Kong. The earlier reference to Chinese media suggesting the United States is riddled with white supremacy also includes a line about that so-called white supremacy has poisoned Hong Kong and pushed the people of the country away from China. Incredible, right?

Twitter will need to keep on top of this, as it’s unlikely that China will give up any time soon. The social media giant also can’t afford to slack or it may be seen as biased…if it already isn’t. Twitter recently took the unprecedented move of labeling a tweet made by President Donald Trump inaccurate.

Trump tweeted a comment about how mail-in ballots, which are being pushed by the Democrats for the November election, could result in an increase in voter fraud. Twitter added a “get the facts” label to the tweet, directing people to a page that contained left-wing articles that attempted to prove Trump wrong.