Trump SURGES In National Poll, Nearly Wipes Out TEN POINT Lead By Biden

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( After weeks of uncertainty amid ongoing unrest all over the country, President Donald Trump is surging in popularity once again and fighting back against extremist Joe Biden. In a new Rasmussen poll, President Trump has wiped out a ten-point deficit behind Biden in just one week, and now only trails the far-left Democratic candidate by three points.

When polls regularly underestimate the number of Trump supporters out there, this is huge. Over the last week, President Trump saw a surge in support of seven points among likely voters, almost wiping out the ten-point lead Biden had held in recent surveys. It means Trump trails the Democratic candidate by 44 to 47 per cent. Last week, voters said they would choose Biden by 50% to 40%.

So what changed? Well, according to the Rasmussen data, it looks like independent voters aren’t responding well to Biden whenever he appears outside of his basement or puts forward insane, far-left policy proposals. His most recent big idea is to create a “Climate Justice” division in the Department of Justice that would imprison business leaders if they don’t comply with the rules put forward in the “Green New Deal.”

Rasmussen’s survey data shows that voters who aren’t affiliated with either party are supporting Biden by a six-point lead of 44-38 per cent. Last week, that was a 12-point lead. Independent voters appear to be realizing the problems in the Biden campaign, ranging from the fact that Biden is incapable of speaking without a teleprompter to the policies he proposes potentially costing Americans significantly more in annual taxes.

Rasmussen is often sneered at by left-wing media outlets because the polling company refuses to under-sample Republicans. It means their reports go out of their way to be more accurate and fair, polling enough Republicans each time to ensure they are getting a view that is representative of the national mood. It means the GOP doesn’t get the same horrible results as you might see with a CNN poll, but it also means they’re more accurate. In fact, Rasmussen was among the most accurate pollsters in 2016.

This could be just the beginning. Who knows how voters will respond next time Biden comes out of his basement with another crazy idea?