Trump Slams Pelosi’s Coronavirus Committee a “Really Big Waste of Vital Resources”

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(RightWingAmericans.Com)- President Donald Trump assembled a team of experts as soon as the Chinese coronavirus became a clear threat to the United States. In his White House Coronavirus Task Force, the president has Dr. Deborah Birx, a physician and diplomat with expertise in HIV/AIDS immunology. Trump also works with the head of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and continues taking their advice.

This wasn’t good enough for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, it seems, as a select committee was recently formed specifically to oppose the president’s work and throw a spanner in the works.

On Thursday, Pelosi announced her intention to form the House select committee to look into how the president has handled the COVID-19 outbreak.

President Trump saw right through it, comparing is to the several other investigations performed by the Democrats that have all turned up nothing.

“Conducting these partisan investigations in the middle of a pandemic is a really big waste of vital resources, time, attention,” the president told the press during his daily Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

“We want to fight for American lives, not waste time and build up my poll numbers because that’s all they’re doing because everyone knows it’s ridiculous,” the president added.

Trump isn’t wrong. Every time the Democrats go after him, his popularity skyrockets. Recent polls show that President Trump is more popular with the American public during a time of crisis then President Barack Obama, and his recent approval ratings are reaching record levels.

The president attempted to turn the focus back to solving the problem and not pointless investigations, telling journalists, “So we want to focus on the people of this country, even the people of the world.”

Trump also told the press that the committee, which won’t be able to subpoena witnesses, would be inappropriate during a time of crisis. “This is not a time for politics, endless partisan investigations,” he said.

“You see what happens, it’s witch hunt after witch hunt, after witch hunt,” he added. “And in the end the people doing the witch hunt have been losing and they’ve been losing by a lot. It’s not any time for witch hunts.”

What do you think – do the Democrats believe that Trump is doing a bad job, or is this just another chance for them to take shots at him in hope of ruining his chances in November?