Trump Says He’s “NOT INTERESTED” In Renegotiating Trade Deal with China

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( President Donald Trump put an end to speculation that he would be willing to renegotiate a trade deal with China, as Chinese media suggests that Beijing officials are looking at tearing up the Phase 1 deal that was agreed in January. It comes as the United States continues to put pressure on the communist nation to allow scientists and experts into the country to investigate the origins of the coronavirus.

Chinese newspaper the Global Times reported that government advisers in China are urging officials to engage in new talks with the United States to change the terms of the first part of the deal that has already been signed. However, during a press conference, President Trump dismissed the idea and said he’s “not interested.”

Any renegotiation of the deal would make the arrangements more favorable to China, a move that would go against President Trump’s promise to the American people.

Journalist Steve Holland asked the president about the reports.

“The South China Morning Post, the Beijing newspaper, says China would like to reopen negotiations on the trade deal to make the terms more favorable to them. Is this something you’d be interested in doing?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” Trump responded. “Not even a little bit. I’m not interested.”

The president said that he has already signed a deal and that he’d heard rumors the Chinese were looking to renegotiate to make it a better deal for them.

“China’s been taking advantage of the United States for many, many years, for decades,” he added. “Because we had people in this position, right here where I’m standing, sitting in the Oval Office, that allowed that to happen. No, I’m not interested. Let’s see if they live up to the deal they’ve signed.”

China is stuck in a difficult situation. The country is losing trade because of the way the coronavirus impacted supply chains. Even tech giant Apple is looking at moving $40bn of iPhone manufacturing away from the communist nation and into India.

For as long as the country refuses to cooperate with other nations in coronavirus investigations, too, it is unlikely its leaders will be able to sign better trade deals with the rest of the world too.