Trump Officially Endorses Republican Fighting for Ilhan Omar’s Seat

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(RightWingAmericans.Com)- Far-left congresswoman Ilhan Omar has a fight on her hands. President Donald Trump officially endorsed Lacy Johnson, the Republican congressional candidate running against her to take her Minnesota seat.

“And I’m Endorsing you also Lacy, you truly deserve it,” President Trump tweeted on Monday. “You are doing a great job, and Omar is a disaster who wants much higher taxes, hates our Military & our Vets, demands Open Borders, and is fighting to take away our great 2nd Amendment,” he added.

“Good luck Lacy!” he also said, as if it wasn’t clear already he was very much in favour of Omar’s competitor.

Trump’s comments came in a retweet of one of her campaign videos, announcing her pledges in her fight to take the Minnesota seat.

“I’m running against Ilhan Omar. I’m humbled the GOP endorsed me by receiving 90% of the vote. I will win the primary and look forward to defeating Ilhan in Nov. 2020,” she added.

Isn’t it amazing that we’re already so close to removing Omar from office?

There are lots of other Republicans vying to take the high-profile seat, however. Trump’s endorsement of Johnson makes her fight much easier and potentially dooms the campaign of other Republican candidates looking to win the primary.

Omar, despite being in her first term, has become one of the most high-profile, far-left Democrats in Washington. She is a member of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “quad” of far-left congresswomen, and her constant attacks against President Trump have made her a poster-girl for left-wing radicals all over the country.

Omar also received much press attention over accusations (and evidence) that she married her brother, and cheated on her other husband.

Johnson is an African-American businesswoman. She has lived in North Minneapolis for over forty years and is considered a good challenger to Omar, even with the state leaning heavily towards the Democrats. Her campaign messaging focuses on her achievements as a businesswoman, her intention to close the “achievement gap” for non-white students, and her close ties to the area.

It could be enough to defeat Omar!