Trump Moves to Reclaim Military Dominance Across Asia After Chinese Virus Outbreak

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(RightWingAmericans.Com)- President Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly making moves to reclaim military dominance in Asia, working with his government to re-establish a strong military presence across the continent. Trump’s latest moves are reportedly so aggressive that “there is a serious risk for China that their military developments will be obsolete,” according to a new report by Reuters.

That’s going to annoy China!

The Reuters report looks at the new weapons that the Trump administration is deploying, and how the American government is planning on dealing with China’s economic and military expansion.

It reports that China initially had an advantage because it wasn’t a part of a Cold War treaty, specifically the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty which banned Russia and the United States from possessing ballistic and cruise missiles that are launched from the ground if they have a range between 500 and 5,5000 kilometers.

China has deployed more than 2,000 of these weapons that the United States and Russia cannot own, and Trump is fighting back – starting with his decision in 2019 to withdraw from the INF treaty. That decision means President Trump not only allowed the United States to reach the same level of military missile development as China, but to go even further.

Reuters reports that Trump’s administration will begin arming the Marines with a series of newly-designed missiles that were previously banned. Research and development on further new missiles are also being ramped up, and new weapons that pose a threat to China are expected to be deployed soon.

In short, the United States is making a show of power to China after the communist country brought the world economy to its knees by failing to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Ross Babbage, a former official in the Australian government’s defense department claims that the Americans are “coming back strongly.”

“By 2024 or 2025 there is a serious risk for the [Chinese army] that their military developments will be obsolete,” he said.

The fact that China’s government has already said it is “firmly opposed” to Trump’s latest moves should be sign enough that they’re afraid of America.