Trump Campaign Manager Laughs at Dem Plants to Take Texas, Georgia

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( The Democrats have long dreamed of taking key Republican states, and in recent years those dreams have gotten closer to coming true. While states like Texas and Georgia are still firmly Red, Democrats have begun eating into the margins of Republican leaders.

President Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, however, thinks the dreams are unattainable. Bill Stepien laughed off the prospects of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden making a play in Texas during a recent interview with CNN.

“I would love, I would invite the Biden campaign to play in Texas,” he said. “They should play hard.”

Stepien recalled how the Democrats said in 2016 that they thought they could take Georgia and Texas, and how he responded during that campaign. Remember, Stepien isn’t new to the Trump campaign – he’s been advising the president for years and played a significant role in his 2016 win.

“They should go after Texas really, really heavily,” he added. “Spend a lot of money in the Houston and Dallas media markets. I would invite them to do that. I would even buy their first ad.”

Damn – now that’s a play!

Stepien noted that the Democrats didn’t even manage to pick up a seat in Georgia during the midterm elections when they pulled out all the stops in an attempt to bring the Trump agenda grinding to a halt. He told CNN that it’s really hard for the incumbent party to win in midterm elections, but that regardless, the Republicans won with the help and support of President Trump.

Not by a couple of points, either. By five points.

“I’d invite the Democrats to spend a lot of money in the expensive media market of Atlanta, and keep thinking it’s for real, because we had the same conversation in 2016,” he added.

Polls have repeatedly shown Democratic candidate Joe Biden with a double-digit lead over President Trump, but other data suggests that things might not be so clear-cut.

Rasmussen published a July 24 poll that showed approval for President Trump is rebuilding in the wake of some bad polling numbers, and incredibly, it showed that the president’s approval rating among African Americans was bigger than among white voters.

Not only could the Democrats fail to win in Republican seats…numbers like this could see them losing in Democrat seats.