Trump Admin Buys Almost ENTIRE GLOBAL SUPPLY of New Anti-COVID Drug

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( No matter how hard the Democrats try to paint Trump as uncaring and ineffective in the fight against the Chinese coronavirus, the facts keep proving them wrong. Trump, who has long advocated for the use of the drug Remdesivir, ordered his administration to purchase almost the entire global supply of the drug that has since been proven effective in the fight against the coronavirus.

It comes as President Trump tries to avoid a second lockdown and give the American economy the chance it needs to rebound and start growing. If the economy can grow enough before November, it could just demonstrate to voters how effective this president is in stimulating growth and employment opportunities.

The Trump administration bought over 500,000 treatment courses f the antiviral Remdesivir drug, which is produced by Gilead Sciences. Earlier this year scientists announced the results of several trials that show the drug can be effective in reducing the effects of the virus, and can save lives. This giant purchase represents almost the entire production of the company for July, and 90% of their output for the rest of August and September.

Trump is serious about combating COVID.

“President Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorized therapeutic for COVID-19,” the Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced this week.

“To the extent possible, we want to ensure that any American patient who needs Remdesivir can get it. The Trump Administration is doing everything in our power to learn more about life-saving therapeutics for COVID-19 and secure access to these options for the American people.”

Imagine the situation we’d be in right now if former Vice President Joe Biden had actually done his job back in 2009 when the Swine Flu hit, and ordered in excess supplies of medical equipment to protect America against future viral outbreaks?

Reuters reported just how effective the drug can be.

“After the intravenously administered medicine helped shorten hospital recovery times in a clinical trial, it won emergency use authorization in the United States and full approval in Japan,” Reuters said. “The drug is believed to be most effective in treating patients earlier in the course of disease than dexamethasone, which reduced deaths in patients requiring supportive oxygen and those on a ventilator.”

In short…it looks like America is prepared for a second wave of the virus. And if not, the United States has an effective anti-viral drug for potential future outbreaks.