Ted Cruz Proposes New Legislation to Stop Chinese Propaganda Reaching USA

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas introduced a new bill last week designed to stop Chinese propaganda reaching the United States through an unresolved loophole in American law.

A copy of Cruz’s proposed legislation was obtained by the Washington Free beacon, and the news outlet reports that it would stop the Chinese Communist Party from exploiting the loophole that allows them to use a broadcast tower located in Mexico to transmit their propaganda in America. Currently, Chinese “media” is broadcast on Phoenix TV using a media outlet that was purchased in 2018.

How didn’t more people know about this already?

Speaking to the Free Beacon, Cruz made it clear he believes China should not be able to disseminate propaganda in America.

“China should not be able to set up shop in Mexico and blanket America with propaganda. Every year, the [Chinese Communist Party] spends billions of dollars purchasing news outlets and waging information warfare to extend the reach of its propaganda and whitewash the unflattering and politically inconvenient truths about its totalitarian regime,” he said.

Did you know about this? Cruz said that this is happening across the country, too, as mainstream news outlets are taking Chinese media at its word and spreading propaganda knowingly and unknowingly.

“I look forward to introducing this legislation when Congress returns and closing FCC loopholes that allow China to wage their information warfare from across the border in Mexico,” he added.

Phoenix TV has reportedly exploited the FCC loophole that allows content that was produced in the United States to be broadcast in the US by radio towers outside of the country. These towers located outside the US are more powerful than the ones used domestically, meaning Phoenix TV content can be broadcast to American listeners via towers located in Mexico.

If Cruz is successful, the loophole will be closed and the content produced by Phoenix TV, which is effectively Chinese propaganda, will no longer be aired to American listeners from foreign towers.

You have likely already heard from Phoenix TV without even knowing it. A reporter from the news outlet asked the president during a White House press briefing whether he would work with China to reduce the spread of the virus and used his time to promote the work allegedly being done by the Chinese government.