Susan Sarandon Joins Bernie Campaign In South Carolina

( – Will the celebrities ever learn that their endorsement of left-wing candidates always blows up in their faces? No matter how many celebrities come out in favour of the Democratic candidate, it just seems to turn people off.

Ignoring the trend, actress Susan Sarandon has joined the Bernie Sanders campaign officially after posting a video on Twitter saying she will be heading to South Carolina to stump for the socialist candidate.

From the back of a traveling car, Sarandon filmed herself telling her Twitter followers, “OK, guys, I’m on the road again for Bernie. On my way to Charleston, South Carolina. Loved it that last time I was there. It’s happening guys, it’s happening.”

This isn’t the first time that Sarandon has campaigned for Sanders. In the 2016 race, Sarandon got emotional on stage, saying, “Everybody realizes that we’re being run by a machine, by Wall Street, by big pharma…change is difficult, and what this man is asking of us is to be the machine now.”

Sarandon choked up as she introduced Sanders to the stage.

This time around, Sarandon is getting even more radical. Not only is she supporting the candidate that the Democratic establishment desperately doesn’t want to win, but she’s even suggesting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be replaced if Sanders wins the presidency.

“We’re not looking to keep Pelosi because there’s a progressive running against her who supports Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, among other things,” Sarandon said in a tweet on Saturday.

Sanders is picking up plenty of famous support, but so is his fellow progressive candidate Elizabeth Warren. Grammy award-winning singer John Legend is planning on attending a Warren event in South Carolina to help her regain lost ground, after being destroyed by Pete Buttigieg and Sanders in the last two primaries and the Iowa caucus.