SCANDAL! Trump Says Bloomberg Has Already “Violated Campaign Finance Laws”

VIDEO — Trump Fights Back in Fiery CPAC Speech

( – Oh dear. The bitter feud between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential hopeful, and New York City billionaire, Michael Bloomberg has reached new levels after the president revealed Bloomberg has already “violated campaign finance laws.”

The news comes after Bloomberg, the founder and CEO of media empire Bloomberg, announces his plans for his business if he is lucky enough to become president.

Lucky isn’t the work…he’d have to hope for a miracle!

Bloomberg’s campaign, so far, has been entirely self-funded. That has prompted suggestions by Democrats and Republicans alike that he is “buying” his way into the campaign.

Offering free food and wine at his campaign events probably had a part to play in that, too.

As Bloomberg starts qualifying for the debate stage, he has now released his plan for his multi-billion-dollar empire if he wins the presidency in November. Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Bloomberg campaign says that he intends to put his company into a blind trust and then sell it if he wins the 2020 election. The comments were made as polls show he is increasingly becoming the primary challenger to socialist Bernie Sanders, beating former Vice President Joe Biden in a series of polls.

The Wall Street Journal has previously reported that the future of his huge business empire has been uncertain ever since he announced he would run for president. The media outlet claimed that “him [Bloomberg] and his advisers [were] going back and forth on whether he would place the business in a blind trust if he won, or if he would divest his interests entirely.”

Bloomberg, a 78-year-old billionaire who operated in New York City as Trump was building his own empire, has used the fact that the president did not place his business into a blind trust as a stick to beat him with. President Trump passed his business over to his sons to run upon becoming president.

The accusations prompted the president to fight back, noting that Bloomberg is “corrupt” and breaking the rules.

“Is corrupt Bloomberg News going to say what a pathetic debater Mini Mike is, that he doesn’t respect our great farmers, or that he has violated campaign finance laws at the highest and most sinister levels with “payoffs” all over the place?”


There’s a lesson in this, Mike. Don’t mess with the president!