Poll Shows Sanders Could Destroy Democrats In House Race


(RightWingAmericans.com) – As part of Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to take down Democratic presidential frontrunner Senator Bernie Sanders, his campaign has released an internal poll showing that the socialist candidate could destroy the Democrats downticket. The poll shows that the Democrats would not hold the House of Representatives and could even lose important Senate seats if Sanders becomes the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

While the poll contains obvious bias, being released by the Bloomberg campaign, it reflects sentiment from many within the Democratic party. This particular line of thought has become increasingly common since Sanders achieved a decisive victory in the Nevada caucus, achieving more votes than the three candidates behind him.

The poll of Democrat voters across 40 fiercelycontested House districts was paid for by the Bloomberg campaign but conducted by the Global Strategy Group. Its findings show that Sanders is a less popular candidate than President Donald Trump and loses support because of his staunch socialist positions. Other polls show that a majority of Americans are unwilling to vote for a socialist. 

Interestingly, the poll found that Sanders and Trump run even when voters in key districts are made to choose between the two. However, it also found that Trump achieves a six-point lead when voters were reminded of some of Sanders’ main ideological positions. When reminded that Sanders is a “democratic socialist,” voters choose Trump instead.

The Bloomberg campaign will hope that Democratic voters will see these results and change their tune about Sanders, but there is no reason to believe that Sanders supporters will turn to Bloomberg. Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg, a billionaire and owner of a media empire, is the antithesis of what the Sanders campaign is all about. Even this poll won’t shake Sanders’ most committed supporters, and it is unlikely to translate into a significant shift towards Bloomberg’s capitalist position.

This is likely to remain true even when Sanders supporters consider the fact that his candidacy could destroy the chances of other Democrats downticket.

A memo drafted by the polling company for Bloomberg’s campaign described how “Sanders jeopardizes [the] Democratic majority in the House.

The poll also found that 47% of those questioned in competitive districts currently held by Democrats held negative opinions about the “increased role of socialist ideas in the Democratic Party.” Just 19% of voters considered it a good thing, and 24% said it didn’t matter to them.