Police: Man Drove Into Republican Stand Because He “Doesn’t Like Trump”

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(RightWingAmericans.com) – Remember the story of the man who drove into a Republican voter registration stand?

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the man responsible was quickly arrested and appeared in court. Now, thanks to a police report, we know exactly why he did it.

And it’s what we expected.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the motive behind the attack was that the suspect did not like the president, and risked Republican activists’ lives because “someone had to take a stand.”

The incident, which occurred last weekend, saw a 27-year-old man plow a truck into a tent in a Walmart parking lot in Florida. He was accused of criminal mischief, driving without a license, and two counts of aggravated assault on a person over the age of 65.

The report explains how Republican activists noticed a vehicle slowly driving towards them before “Victim 1” began walking up to the driver’s side to talk to the suspect. “Victim 2” stood on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Then, according to those in attendance, the vehicle quickly began accelerating towards them both.

“They both stated that the vehicle then accelerated towards them and the tent,” the report explained. “Both victims had to move out of the way quickly in order to prevent themselves from being struck by the vehicle.”

The report also revealed:

“The suspect also advised that he does not like President Trump and that is part of [REDACTED]. He also advised the other reason was because ‘it’s like someone sh*tting on your grave.’”

Violence against Republicans and supporters of the president has gotten out of hand in recent years. On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that a former NYPD cop was punched and injured during his birthday party when his red party hat was mistaken for a MAGA hat.

Despite the admission that the attack was done on purpose and because of a hatred for President Trump, the only media outlets covering the story appear to be local news stations and conservative news websites.

I wonder if we’ll hear any of the Democratic Party presidential candidates condemn this act of political violence?

Don’t hold your breath.