Pelosi Shrugs Off INCREDIBLE Job Boost, Wants to Spend More Money On Stimulus

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi really has it in for the president, so it might not be all that surprising for some readers to learn that she doesn’t want to accept the incredible job numbers released this week. On Thursday, the Labor Department released data showing that the national economy added some 4.8 million jobs in June.

The huge spike in employment meant unemployed dropped back down to 11.1%, which while bad, is nowhere near as catastrophic as it was even a month ago. It’s a sign that the stimulus provided has been working, and that President Trump’s tax cuts implemented earlier into his administration have worked, allowing businesses to grow strong and resilient enough to weather the storm.

It’s a clear win for President Trump, which is why Pelosi shrugged it off during an interview on MSNBC on Thursday. Speaking to Stephanie Ruhle, Pelosi said we need a “proper perspective” on the economy and therefore “more stimulus.”

Did she not see the data?

“First of all, let’s give the whole report, what we also saw this is the 15th straight week where we have seen over 1 million people apply for unemployment benefits,” she said. “This report is a report of the first part of June where the economy was opening up, unfortunately not successfully. And I think when we see the whole month of June, sadly, it will show a different figure.”

Maybe, but also maybe not. The figure revised the numbers for May even higher. After a surprise boost was reported some weeks ago, it looks like the economy did even better in May than originally thought – despite tight lockdown restrictions.

“We’re all for great news when there’s a good jobs report, but let’s see it in its proper perspective. There is no question that we need more stimulus. Just don’t take it from me, take it from the chairman of the Fed, take it from even the Secretary of the Treasury. In terms of the Fed, if we don’t invest in terms of opening up the economy by testing, tracing, treatment.”

By the way…those are all things that are happening. It was announced this week that President Trump’s administration has purchased almost the entire supply of remdesivir, an antiviral drug that is known to significantly reduce a COVID patient’s chances of dying of the virus.

Improving job numbers, the economy slowly reopening again, and hundreds of thousands of doses of the most effective known COVID treatment. What more does Pelosi want?