New Jersey Gym That Opened During Lockdown Officially CLOSED DOWN By Health Department

( New Jersey state government has cracked down on a gym that defied the lockdown orders and opened to its customers. On Thursday, local and state health officials put signs and notices over the walls and doors of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, announcing that the business had been shut down according to reports from CBS Philadelphia.

The owners of the company told the public that they will not be reopening again, despite having previously defied the lockdown orders to let customers use their gym equipment. To do so would defy the new health department order and could mean worse consequences, including the permanent shutting down of their business.

Previously, the owners were cites for reopening their gym for three days. The business opened its doors to exercise enthusiasts on Monday. It drew attention from protesters who thought it was dangerous (though presumably they didn’t think protesting in public was dangerous,) it was attended by many regular gymgoers, and drew the police to the scene to arrest people who attended.

Speaking to NBC 10 Philadelphia, gym owner Ian Smith said he thought it was a “dirty tactic” from Governor Phil Murphy and that the state government was engaged in a “coordinated attack” against his company.

You may have heard about the story already if you saw the footage being shared widely online of gymgoers being arrested. The owners of the gym did warn people who attended that there was a risk of being arrested if they came, and despite this many people still chose to do so. One man was seen being arrested while he quietly and politely let it happen.

Smith said that it was a “gross abuse of power” to shut down the business, but he vowed to open it once again after the health order expired. He also said that the health department made the decision without even inspecting the gym, meaning they didn’t see the safety measures that had been put in place to protect customers who came.

The New Jersey Health Department didn’t respond for comment.