National Guard Deployed in Los Angeles to Clamp Down On Far-Left Violence

( Violence erupted badly in the city of Los Angeles over the weekend, as left-wing agitators burned cop cars, looted stores, and destroyed the city.

The protests in Minneapolis that started in the name of George Floyd, the African American man killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin, quickly descended into chaos and violence as far-left activists all over the country jumped on the tragedy as an opportunity to cause chaos. Los Angeles is just one of several California cities impacted by the violence, and now that it has gotten so out of control, Governor Gavin Newsom decided to call in the National Guard.

The decision was made on the fourth day of violence after pressure from President Donald Trump increased. Trump told governors in a call on Monday that they must call in the National Guard for assistance and “dominate” the rioting mobs.

Newsom called in the National Guard after Mayor Eric Garcetti requested between 500 and 700 members of the Guard to assist in controlling the riots. Some 10,000 Los Angeles Police Department officers are already on the streets helping contain the violent mobs of far-left and Black Lives Matter activists. Garcetti announced that the Guard was being deployed to “support our local response to maintain peace and safety on the streets of our city.”

Local officials worked tirelessly to try and bring calm to the streets, to put out the dozens of fires started, and to protect business owners from men and women armed with bricks and tools as they destroyed businesses. The Grove, an outdoor mall filled with luxury and high-end stores near the downtown region was particularly badly affected, as protesters destroy shop fronts and looted the stores…in the name of justice for George Floyd.

The violence got so bad that one officer, Chief Michel Moore, was hit in the head and suffered a fracture to the skull.

A curfew was put in place, but it didn’t achieve much. The people of Los Angeles, or at least some parts of the city, were told to go indoors by 8 p.m. but the violence persisted and people largely didn’t comply with the order.