Nasty Pelosi LIES, Says She Never Called Federal Officers ‘Stormtroopers.’ She Did.

( Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has exposed her nasty side ever since President Donald Trump won the election in 2016. Some might argue she’s always had this streak, but it has been on full display for many years now, and now only did she mock Attorney General William Barr’s weight in a recent interview, she lied about a slur she used against federal law enforcement officers.

During an interview on Tuesday with MSNBC, Pelosi claimed she never used the term “stormtroopers” to describe federal law enforcement officers. Instead, Pelosi claims that she said the officers were behaving like stormtroopers.

That isn’t what she said.

Speaking to Ari Melber, Pelosi discussed comments made by Democratic Rep. Doug Collins during Attorney General Barr’s testimony in front of Congress.

“And the stormtrooper comments by the Speaker of the House, and we know that that is a direct reference to the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party…don’t you think it encourages the violence that we’re seeing and encourages the participation against the police?” Collins asked Barr.

Barr agreed, saying he thinks that it is “possible” and that it’s “irresponsible to call these federal law enforcement officers stormtroopers.”

Embarrassed, Pelosi tried to walk back the claim. She was visibly angry, too. The moment the clip of the comments ended, she immediately defended herself and lied about what she said. You can see her lying in the clip below.

What’s so incredible about this lie, however, is that anybody can see it’s a lie right now by going onto Pelosi’s Twitter feed and scrolling down to July 18, 2020.

In a couple of tweets, she slammed the “one-sided violence from federal agents” (which is also a lie) that she says are acting as “Trump’s secret police.”

She also calls them “unidentified stormtroopers.” She doesn’t say they’re acting like stormtroopers, she says they are stormtroopers.


How does Pelosi keep getting away with telling lies like this?