MSNBC Analyst Wants Trump Prosecuted for HOMICIDE

( – MSNBC Analyst Glenn Kirschner went further than any biased, fake news commentator so far when he suggested President Donald Trump should be prosecuted for homicide on Tuesday.

In a series of tweets, Kirschner explained his radical proposition that the president be prosecuted for “negligent homicide” over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The president’s handling of this pandemic, by the way, has received praise from Democrats and Republicans alike. Even New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo, no fan of the president, praised the Trump administration’s responsiveness during a press conference this week.

Despite this, Kirschner chose to remain partisan over the issue, and explained that the president “may have criminal exposure for some level of negligent homicide or voluntary/involuntary manslaughter for the way he’s mishandled the Coronavirus crisis.”

Referencing his career as a prosecutor, Kirschner also explained that he was always looking for “novel ways to apply homicide…liability in an attempt to appropriately and ethically hold accountable those who were responsible for taking the life of a fellow human being.”

He admitted he was looking for “novel” ways to find people guilty of a crime that, particularly in this case, they did not commit.

He ended his Twitter tirade by accusing the president of “negligent/grossly negligent (and/or possibly intentional) mishandling” of the coronavirus outbreak response, and claimed the issue was “thorny.”

It’s thorny, all right!

Can you imagine being so vindictive that even during a time of national crisis, you refuse to work with political opponents and would rather try and encourage prosecutors to lock up the president for murder?