Media Ignores BLM Protests, Blames Tulsa Covid Surge On Trump

( Tulsa, Oklahoma, was the place President Donald Trump chose to kickstart his presidential campaign after months of inactivity during the coronavirus lockdowns. The event drew thousands of people, and now, the media are using it as a stick to beat him with. Because of course they are.

As COVID cases surge in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the media is blaming President Trump…while ignoring the far-left Black Lives Matter protests and rallies. According to the Associated Press, a health official revealed recently that the Trump rally is the “likely” source of the local virus surge.

Beyond the headline, however, the AP says that Dr. Bruce Dart, the Director of Tulsa City Council’s Health Department, pointed to “several large events” as the drivers behind the surge. Perhaps the AP knows that most people only read headlines and share articles based on the headlines, so it doesn’t matter what they say in the piece itself.

Dr. Dart explicitly stated that the other large events, which include Black Lives Matter riots and even an Al Sharpton event.

This is what the article says:

“Tulsa County reported 261 confirmed new cases on Monday, a one-day record high, and another 206 cases on Tuesday.

Although the health department’s policy is to not publicly identify individual settings where people may have contracted the virus, Dart said those large gatherings ‘more than likely’ contributed to the spike.

‘In the past few days, we’ve seen almost 500 new cases, and we had several large events just over two weeks ago, so I guess we just connect the dots,’ Dart said.”

Where did he say Trump was to blame?

If you watch the video where he makes these comments, you’ll see he doesn’t say Trump is to blame at all. So what’s with the headline?

Black Lives Matter has been protesting in Tulsa for weeks now, and even during the Trump event, BLM and Antifa were out on the streets protesting too.

Don’t forget the Juneteenth events that took place the day before the Trump rally, which were headlined by Al Sharpton.

Was the AP fishing for clicks with that title, or is something deeper and darker going on?