MAGA Tech Boom: Trillion Dollar Market For Google, Microsoft, More


( – President Donald Trump is celebrating another milestone for the United States economy; four trillion-dollar tech companies.

Holding up a piece of paper that listed four tech companies that have passed the one trillion dollar valuation, the president noted that together they spelled “MAGA.” The four companies referenced were Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Speaking in the Oval Office on Tuesday after signing the Supporting Veterans in STEM Careers Act, the president joked with John Roberts, a correspondent for Fox News, about reporting on the “MAGA” tech companies.

“You better report that tonight on Fox, that great Fox,” the president said.

“Not what it used to be John, but it’s still pretty good. Not like the old days John. They put more Democrats on Fox now than they put republicans, but that’s ok.”

Has anyone else noticed how the president said “but that’s ok” when he definitely doesn’t believe it’s OK?

Someone in Fox is no doubt scrambling to find a few more Democrats to put on tonight’s shows…

President Trump announced that the US market is setting a record and had just set another record that day. “It will be the 144th time in a three year period that I’m president,” he noted.

The president explained how a boost in the stock market meant Americans got better returns on their 401Ks.

 CNBC, of course, tried to suggest that the market booms actually began as a result of actions taken by President Obama. In a Tuesday report, a CNBC writer claimed, “Trump has often taken credit for the stock market’s gains. The stock market is currently experiencing its longest bull market ever, beginning in 2009 under former President Barack Obama and continuing under Trump.”

Isn’t it amazing how it’s a Republican’s fault when something goes wrong during a presidency, but the work of a previous Democratic president when things go right during their presidency?

Trump’s announcement came after it was announced by the Federal Trade Commission that prior acquisitions made by the four tech companies will be investigated. Facebook will also be included in the examination.

The FTC will ask the tech companies to provide all information about acquisitions made from 2010 until the end of last year.