Islamists Murder 290 and Injure 280 in First Fortnight of Ramadan

( Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and it is defined by Muslims all over the world observing a strict fasting regiment, praying, and reflecting on their faith and belief in Allah. Under normal circumstances, it would be a peaceful time, but in today’s climate, not so much. This year, Islamists all over the world have brutally murdered and injured innocent people as part of the Islamic holy month.

The murders and brutality have been committed, for the most part, by Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, Breitbart reports. Afghani terrorists have committed 100 terror attacks in 16 different countries since Ramadan began at the end of April. It has resulted in 290 people dead, and a further 280 injured in just the first two months of the month.

Every year, Islamists use the holy month of Ramadan as a time to murder non-believers and fellow Muslims alike. This year, the brutality will continue until May 23. According to Breitbart News, this year has been less bloody than last year…at least, so far. Last year, in the first two weeks of Ramadan, Jihadis murdered 364 people and injured 404. That means injuries have decreased by nearly a third, and fatalities have dropped by around a fifth.

While there is still some time left in Ramadan for Islamists to make up the numbers, it seems unlikely. President Donald Trump’s tactical strikes in the Middle East have crushed the Islamic State and destabilized other Islamist outfits like the Taliban. For the first time in many years, Islamic terrorism has become less of a threat and the American military, with its allies, continues taking out terrorists in the Middle East.

It’s unlikely that Ramadan will ever be peaceful, but the fact the numbers of fatalities are dropping is a good sign.

However, earlier this year, narco-jihadis in Afghanistan rejected a Ramadan ceasefire that was supported by the United States last year. The offer, from Kabul, was rejected. However, at the end of February, some Taliban terrorists and the United States agreed to a conditions-based withdrawal of American military from the territory. While many have honored the commitment, many Afghani terrorists have continued the senseless murders.

While terrorists in Europe and the United States typically target infidels, non-Muslims, these terrorists are murdering and killing Muslims. Almost all of the victims of the Ramadan attacks were Muslims this year, with some being murdered if they did something un-Muslim, and others killed as martyrs because they believe they will be rewarded in paradise.

The lesson? Stay out of Afghanistan…