INSANE Poll Says Most White Americans Think America Is RACIST

( If a new poll is to be believed, then a majority of white Americans now believe that American society is fundamentally racist. If it’s true, it shows just how far far-left activists have come in their war against white Americans.

The new survey published by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News was described as the “deepest look at race in America in two decades,” and asked a series of comprehensive questions of American people about race. Comprehensive though it may be, the very real fact that people are uncomfortable talking about this issue honestly cannot be discounted.

The survey found that 51% of white Americans believe that American society generally is “racist,” and it also found that some 78% of black Americans thought the same, on top of 60% of Hispanics. It suggests that the people with the biggest grievance against the system in America is black Americans.

The Wall Street Journal noted that despite a majority of Americans thinking the country is racist (despite Americans of all races having the same rights and opportunities to prosper!) the respondents were split on what they think the cause of the perceived racism is. People also had vastly different opinions about how they think the racism should be dealt with.

Pollsters conducted the survey between July 9 and 12.

In the same way that supporters of President Donald Trump are often too scared to tell pollsters how they will vote, some respondents to this poll may not have been totally honest. Regardless, it shows that the far-left notion that America is a racist nation has become mainstream.

Pollsters also found that a plurality of white Americans believed that the source of racism comes from racist discrimination pushed by individuals who hold racist views. A majority of black Americans, however, believe that racism is “built into American society, including U.S. policies and institutions.”

No examples of this were provided.

It’s hard to ignore that this poll was taken during a time of race riots, too. Since the tragic death of George Floyd, Antifa and Black Lives Matter have engaged in violent riots all over the United States claiming to be representing the cause of racial justice. That kind of radicalism, when pushed by high-profile Democrats, is almost certainly likely to seep into public discussion.

Let’s hope temporarily…