Howard Stern CANCELED? Stern’s Blackface, N-Word Use Revealed

( Legendary radio host Howard Stern came under fire from leftists he may have otherwise considered allies last week when video resurfaced of him using blackface. In the video sketch, Stern not only wore blackface but even said the N-word repeatedly. This, despite the fact that Stern specifically denied ever doing it during an interview on The View in 2019.

In the video, Stern can be seen dressed as an African American person and repeatedly using the offensive term.

A report from Page Six says the clip came from a skit that mocked Ted Danson’s blackface performance in 1993 with Whoopi Goldberg, his then-girlfriend. Incidentally, Goldberg is now also one of the co-hosts of The View.

New York writer Mandy Stadtmiller published the clip of Howard Stern flat out denying that he had ever used the N-word.

“Gee, it’s almost as if you can get away with being the worst kind of racist imaginable if you have enough money and liberal woke mob cred, isn’t it?” she said.

In the clip, Stern plays Denson and appears alongside Robin Quivers. Sherman Hemsley plays the role of Whoopi Goldberg, and Stern repeatedly calls her a “smelly n*gger.”

Imagine having the gall to tell the country you never did it, knowing the footage was out there somewhere and someone would inevitably uncover it one day?

So…how long before Stern stops hating on Trump supporters and realizes he has been pandering to people who would throw him under the bus the moment they got the chance?