House Democrats Present Another Coronavirus Stimulus Bill That Likely Will Face Serious Kickback From Republicans

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- Democrats in the House of Representatives presented their proposal for another coronavirus stimulus package, one that initially tops $3 trillion.
The main funding points in the package are increasing widespread coronavirus testing, expanding vote-by-mail options for the November General Election, significant support for state and local governments, an extension of unemployment insurance and another round of stimulus checks to a majority of Americans.
The House is set to vote on the bill, dubbed the HEROES Act, on Friday.
Despite the House following the edict of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell for the government to “think big” with stimulus plans — since borrowing rates are so low — this package is unlikely to fly through both chambers of Congress and get President Donald Trump’s signature.
Republicans have said repeatedly in recent days that they feel it’s too soon to issue another massive stimulus package, that they want to stop spending money for now until they can see the effects of the first four stimulus bills.
Despite that, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that, “we have to start someplace,” acknowledging that Democrats will eventually need to negotiate with Republicans to come to a bi-partisan agreement that would pass both chambers and be signed by Trump. At her weekly press briefing last week, Pelosi said:
“Rather than starting in a way that does not meet the needs of the American people, we want to set a standard. And, again, we need a presidential signature, so at some point we’ll have to come to agreement.”
Even though it’s unlikely this first version of the HEROES Act is likely to be signed into law as is, it does provide a general guideline for what Democrats are likely to fight for when the appropriate time does come.
The House bill’s main focus is providing significant economic support for local and state governments that are bearing down for huge shortfalls in their budget due to the coronavirus pandemic. The bill includes $375 billion for local governments, $500 billion for state governments, $20 billion for tribal communities and $20 billion for territories such as Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.
Democrats have proposed another round of economic stimulus checks that would be slightly different than the first round. Just as last time, single filers would receive $1,200 and joint filers would receive $2,400. This time, though, each dependent child would be eligible for another $1,200, instead of the $500 in the first round of stimulus checks.
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said these two categories of funding would be “red lines” that Democrats wouldn’t consider cutting from the next coronavirus stimulus package, even if Republicans negotiate for other changes to the bill.
In addition, the House bill would make unemployment insurance available for people through January 31, 2021, with some individuals being eligible for extended benefits through March of next year. The bill would also provide funding to ramp up coronavirus testing capacity so that it comes closer to the 900,000 tests on a daily basis that experts at Harvard’s Global Health Institute say are necessary in the U.S.