Hollywood Buying Up $125k Robots to CLEAN Sets During COVID Crisis

(RightWingAmericans.com)- Hollywood has been hit extremely hard by the lockdown measures put in place, ironically by Democratic governor Gavin Newsom who most Hollywood execs probably voted for. The industry has ground to a halt as a result of the virus, meaning shows aren’t being recorded and movie filming has completely stopped. It looks that could soon change, however, with the purchase of cleaning robots.

Reports suggest that CBS police drama Blue Bloods, and a series of other TV show production sets, are looking to purchase robots that kill viruses using strong ultraviolet light. They cost $125,000 each and are usually used by hospitals to rid rooms of viruses and germs. The robots blast extremely strong light that ensures counters, floors, walls, and virtually anything the light comes in contact with is sterilized.

The robots move around the room automatically, mapping where they go, automatically ensuring that the entire room is cleaned. That’s handy for extremely large TV recording sets.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on how the machines are produced by Texas company Xenex Disinfection Services, and that they are currently being sought by the production team of TV police drama Blue Bloods. A new company, Production Safe Zone, is sourcing the equipment with a view to giving more Hollywood sets access to the machines so that filming can go ahead.

Dr. Mark Stibich who runs Production Safe Zone told the media that the way people clean rooms to fight viruses lags behind our current understanding of how viruses live and spread.

“The way we like to think of it is that our pathogens, like coronavirus, have evolved – but our tools that clean the environment haven’t,” he said. “We’re still basically using buckets and mops and wipes, and what we need is a new tool to reduce the risks that the environment may cause an infection.”

All over the country, shops and businesses are using mops and regular cleaning equipment to ensure our environments are clean of the virus. However, UV light is one of the most effective ways of killing viruses and requires less effort. The only problem, at least for businesses and people who don’t have Hollywood money to throw around, is that the equipment is expensive.

Isn’t it funny, though, that Hollywood is using UV light to protect themselves after mocking the president for saying it could be used in treatment?