High School Teacher Compares Trump To Nazis And Communists, In CLASS

(RightWingAmericans.com) – It seems that teachers across the United States are increasingly willing to impart their political views on their students. In Baltimore County, Maryland, students in a high school history class were subject to a class that compared President Donald Trump to historic communists and even the Nazis.

A class at Loch Raven High School, according to FOX Baltimore, was shown a slide that compared the president to the Nazi swastika and the hammer and sickle logo of the Communist Party.

Underneath the images, a caption read, “Wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall.” Underneath the swastika were the words, “been there,” and underneath the hammer and sickle, it read, “done that.” This clear example of far-left indoctrination has been called out by parents after an image of the slide was published online.

Not only has President Donald Trump never “rounded up” a group of people, but he also has never expressed a desire to do so. Presumably, the author of the slide was referring to the President’s promise to restrict illegal entry into the country through the southern US-Mexico border. In any case, the comparison is clearly incorrect.

Speaking to Fox45, one parent said, “The biggest problem is pushing an agenda on 16-year-olds. My understanding is that was just up and it was left there for everyone to see the whole day. I was told that by another student who said the topic in that class was supposedly world leaders shunning other groups out. I said, ‘Is this part of the curriculum?’”

Incredibly, a spokesperson for Baltimore County Public Schools did not condemn the image and did not apologize. Instead, the spokesperson simply said:

“This slide was used as part of a lesson in an AP History course. The topics being discussed included World Wars and the attempts by some leaders to limit, or prevent migration, into certain countries. In isolation and out of context with the lesson, the image could be misunderstood.”

The image isn’t being misunderstood. It clearly compares President Donald Trump to Nazi Germany and 20th Century communists. The assertion is, in no instance, accurate.

A report from the Baltimore Sun said that Charles Herndon, a Baltimore County Schools spokesperson, said that the image shouldn’t be a problem as students were “discerning” and “intelligent” and would be able to “draw their own inferences and draw their own conclusion.”

So, will the school be teaching the children that President Barack Obama is a Neo-Nazi, too?

He did, after all, enjoy committing war crimes!