HIDIN’ BIDEN: No Biden Press Conferences for Over 76 Days

(RightWingAmericans.com)- As polls show the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate with an extremely healthy 13-point lead over President Donald Trump, Joe Biden remains in hiding presumably to avoid messing it up. Ever since the Chinese coronavirus outbreak happened, former Vice President Joe Biden has been in lockdown in the basement of his Delaware home.

Biden stayed at home for months, only resurfacing when violent far-left extremists took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd. Despite Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists using it as an opportunity to burn down businesses and churches, and fight in the street, Biden saw it as an opportunity to get woke points…and took to the streets with them.

According to Daily Mail journalist David Martokso, however, it was 76 days since Biden took questions from journalists as of June 17.

“Here’s something weird,” Martokso wrote on Twitter. “It’s been 76 days since Joe Biden held a press conference.”

“It was April 2 and he only took 4 questions. Hillary Clinton was talking to us a *lot* at this point in 2016. And of course Donald Trump ran us ragged with 1&As.”

That last press conference Martokso wrote about, on April 2, didn’t exactly go well. It was an event where Biden gave his view on the implementation of the CARES Act, the legislation designed to reduce the impact of the COVID-induced lockdown on the U.S. economy. If you take a look at the footage, you’ll see Biden struggling to get through a full teleprompter speech. At the end, he called on only four journalists from Reuters, CNN, AP, and NBC News…none of which were exactly likely to ask some tough questions.

Despite not appearing in public very much, Biden is doing well in the polls. We know from 2016 just how wrong polls can be, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Biden not appearing on camera much is better than Biden making mistakes…which is something he does plenty.