HALF Of California COVID Deaths Occurred in Elderly Care Homes

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- According to data released by the California Departments of Social Services and Health, almost 50% of all deaths related to the Chinese coronavirus occurred in nursing homes.

At least 1,276 people in care homes in California have died after being diagnosed with coronavirus, which accounts for over 49% of the total deaths reported across the state. The new data shows that more than 387 assisted living centers or skilled nursing homes have reported cases within their facilities.

Redwood Springs Health Center recorded the largest number of deaths, where 28 people have tragically died of the condition, 61 members of staff have been infected with the virus, and a further 116 patients have been diagnosed.

Plum Healthcare Group, the parent company that runs the care home, announced in a statement that they remain committed to the “safety and well-being” of their clients, as well as the efforts to care and protect patients and caretakers. While preventative measures can certainly reduce the chances of the virus entering homes for the elderly, it is virtually impossible to stop it completely and as soon as the virus enters into a home it can quickly be spread by residents without their knowledge.

The new data confirms the established knowledge that older people who suffer from underlying conditions are the people who are most likely to fall ill from the virus, and the most likely to die. Those who work in these care homes are also among the most vulnerably during the outbreak.

State officials made it clear that the new data does not suggest that people working in care homes are doing anything wrong.

“All data in this chart is provided to offer a snapshot of COVID-19 in skilled nursing facilities in California and does not imply wrongdoing on the part of the facilities,” officials stated.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Michael Connors from the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform stated that the numbers are “horrific” and that officials need to do more.

“COVID-19 is like a viral wildfire in nursing homes,” he said. “It’s way past time for all public health authorities in California to start treating it that way.”

Do you think nursing homes, or the authorities, need to be doing more to protect the elderly during this outbreak?