GOLDEN GIRLS CANCELED: Legendary Show Censored on Hulu, Episode Removed Over “Blackface”

( Everybody knows The Golden Girls. Despite airing decades ago, the show is still wildly popular all over the world – but Hulu thinks it’s problematic. An episode of the show from 1988 has been pulled from the online streaming platform because of a short scene in which the girls wear mud masks.

That’s right…mud masks. The entire gag on the show was that the girls were wearing mud masks to improve their skin, but were mistaken for wearing blackface by other people. To be clear – it wasn’t blackface, and the entire gag was based around the fact it wasn’t blackface.

But that’s racist.

“Mixed Blessings,” Episode 23 of Season 3, was completely removed from the platform in part of a wider effort to remove anything from online streaming platforms that far-left activists might deem racist.

As you can no longer watch the show, let’s recap it.

In it, Dorothy’s son is planning to marry a black woman called Lorraine. In preparation of meeting the couple, Rose (played by Betty White) and Blanche (played by Rue McClanahan) both put on mud masks so they can look their best. Hilarity ensues when the in-laws arrive to their home early, seeing them walking around their home wearing the mud masks. The joke is that it looks like blackface, but it isn’t.

But nuance doesn’t matter. It’s gone.

For now, you can catch the full episode on YouTube…but that will no doubt be gone soon too.

The Golden Girls isn’t the only comedy to get the woke treatment lately. Popular comedy show Scrubs was also censored recently, because of two instances where the characters wore blackface. This, despite the fact that one of the main characters in the show was African American.

Do these networks really think these shows were racist and advocating hatred against black people?

A scene from The Office was edited out of the show recently, too, because of one scene where a character wears blackface.

No comedy is safe. No show is safe. No institution is safe. They won’t stop until they destroy everything we love!