Gingrich Predicts Far-Left Democrats Will Grab Cash in Next Coronavirus Bill

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said on Monday that he believes the most radical Democratic Representatives will attempt a cash grab in the negotiations for the next coronavirus stimulus bill.

The Republican author and historian explained on Fox & Friends how he thinks Pelosi and her colleagues will, once again, attempt to use the tragic coronavirus outbreak to further their political agenda.

“Yeah, look, I think it’s very likely that the House, where the radicals are in control, would love to blackmail the country,” he said. “They tried on this last bill and failed.”

In the House of Representatives, 60 votes are required to pass a bill. As the Republicans do not hold a majority in the House, Democrats are known for holding up legislation and attempting to force far-left policies into bills before allowing them to pass.

“So they are salivating at the idea that they could produce a new bill with everything they have ever wanted n life and somehow blackmail the president into signing it,” he continued.

Gingrich’s prediction comes just days after the latest round of coronavirus legislation was passed and signed – but it didn’t happen without a fight. Initially, Senate Democrats voted against the legislation and instead put forward their own alternative legislation. In the Democrat bill, endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, the far-left lawmakers called for Green New Deal measures to be included alongside key coronavirus economic relief policy.

The former House Speaker also told Fox & Friends that he believes legislation that has already been passed may prove problematic, and may even need investigating under the Technical Corrections Act to ensure there is no inappropriate spending.

“But I don’t think the Republicans in the Senate or the president should accept any kind of radical policies from Nancy Pelosi and AOC and that group in order to get this stuff done,” Gingrich said, referring to far-left socialist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “gang” of extremists in the House.

Gingrich did predict, however, that the country won’t let it happen and that the Democrats will either struggle to get what they want or will face the consequences if they go ahead with it.

“I think the country won’t stand for it and I think they can make a very good case that all we need is to help the country – not to enact the Democrat party’s platform.”

We can only wait and see what kind of tricks the Democrats try and pull next.