Eric Boehlert Accuses Fox News Of KILLING People

( – Political commentator Eric Boehlert made the incredible claim on Sunday, during an episode of AM Joy on MSNBC, that Fox News has been “getting people killed for years.”

Speaking about the Fox News network, he described it as a “cancer on this country,” and then said, without a hint of irony, that “their programming is to vilify, stir hatred and paranoia.”

Is he…serious?

The comment came after Joy Reid referenced a Washington Post article that claimed Rupert Murdoch could save lives “by forcing Fox News to tell the truth about the coronavirus right, now.”

“As a media analyst for a very long time, do you see any possibility that Fox may want to try to save its own viewers by forcing this narrative to change? Because it’s true, if they change their narrative, it’s not true if they follow Trump or Trump follows them, but they will act together,” Reid said.

Boehlert, clearly angry with the network, responded by saying, “Right. Anyone waiting for Rupert Murdoch to do the honorable thing is going to wait a very, very long time, after someone who’s watched him for 20 years.”

“Look, Fox News has been getting people killed for years,” he added.

Incredibly, even after he’d cooled down, Boehlert made the same insane accusations online. Taking to Twitter after the interview, he claimed, “Fox News brainwashes people, plain and simple.”

In what world is Fox News responsible for killing people, and in what world do the Democrats and left-wing activists think it is acceptable to make such wild claims? For all the talk of President Trump saying mean things online, it’s funny that the likes of Boehlert think it’s perfectly normal to make wild and unsubstantiated claims on live television.

In a sane universe, the assertion would have been challenged by Joy Reid…but she didn’t seem to care!