Dem Sheriff Defies Gov Whitmer’s Lockdown Orders, Says Local Business Is “Dying”

( A Democrat county sheriff in Michigan has said he will not enforce Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown order, telling local media that businesses are dying.

Speaking to Charlie LeDuff on NO BS News Hour last week, Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson explained how he believes the order is unconstitutional.

“First, you know, people have to talk about the Constitution in its entirety,” he said. “And that’s the separation of powers…and the sheriff is the executive branch of that separation. We enforce the laws, with discretion, remember that.”

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become the poster girl for the coronavirus lockdown, after implementing some of the strictest lockdown rules in the country. Whitmer banned people from going to church, from working on their gardens, and from purchasing non-essential items from the supermarket.

When she was challenged by Republican lawmakers in her state, Whitmer issued three new executive orders to ensure her lockdown couldn’t be challenged.

Swanson also explained how he has refused to shut businesses down throughout the lockdown.

“I tell this to my people in Genesee County, because I have seen people and I have seen people on the nursing side, the business side, they’re dying,” he said. “We have not raided a business. We have not shut a business down. We’re not pulling people over. We’re not writing tickets. And don’t expect us to do it.”

He isn’t the only sheriff to say this, either. Earlier last week, Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy told locals via Facebook that he would use his discretion and refuse to enforce Whitmer’s order.

Murphy’s analysis of the situation was brutal, telling Whitmer her order was “vague” and leaving law enforcement confused about how to do their job. He explained how law enforcement and judges could end up confused if someone is ticketed for operating a boat with a motor, when the order states that you may operate a boat but not one with a motor.

“She mentioned that in a press conference,” he said. “She mentioned that in the Frequently Asked Questions. But it was not in the order. So I’m supposed to uphold an order that’s not clear and concise, that’s based on Frequently Asked Questions.”

In short, nobody seems to know what the rules are.

Shiawassee county can rest assured they won’t be arrested for going about their daily business, too. County Sheriff Brian BeGole released a statement on Twitter stating that he too will refuse to enforce Whitmer’s excessive lockdown order.

Michigan might not be the best place right now if you want to go to work and live your life, but at least some sheriffs are seeing sense.

Meanwhile, Tennessee is reopening theaters and theme parks, and both Colorado and Georgia are enjoyed great successes in reopening their economies without seeing spikes in coronavirus infections.