Defeated Sanders Claims It’s “Irresponsible” Not to Support Biden

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- Bernie Sanders has, once again, been defeated by the DNC establishment. And, for a second time, he has been humiliated and forced to endorse the candidate that destroyed his chances of taking on President Trump in the November election.

Bernie Sanders endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden this week, and now he’s doubling down. During an interview with the Associated Press, Sanders did his absolute best to get his most die-hard supporters to jump on board and support the establishment candidate in November.

His message? That not getting on board with a “moderate” candidate like Biden for the 2020 election is “irresponsible.” The message was even aimed at his own former press secretary!

The Associated Press reported that Sanders encouraged people to not “sit on their hands” for months, because it would “enable President Donald Trump’s re-election.”

Sanders used the opportunity to distance himself from comments made by his campaigns former press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, who recently said online that she refused to endorse Joe Biden.

“She is my former press secretary – not on the payroll,” he said, not that it means much. A spokesman confirmed after the interview that all of Sanders’ campaign staffers are no longer on the payroll because the campaign ceased to exist.

Sanders knows that many of his supporters will never support Biden. He also knows that some supporters who agree with his more protectionist economic policies may turn to Trump in the November election. Time will only tell whether his efforts to bring his supporters around and accept the imperfect Biden as their candidate.

The Associated Press asked him about how he feels about those who will still vote for him in future primary races, to which he said, “If people want to vote for me, we’d appreciate it.”

However, he did once again turn the conversation back to Biden by promising that, further along in the campaign, he expects the presumed nominee to adopt more radical left-wing policies in an attempt to woo Sanders’ younger voters.

“I think you’re going to see significant movement on the part of the Biden campaign into a more progressive direction on a whole lot of issues,” he claimed.

If you didn’t catch the original video in which Sanders endorsed Biden, you can check it out below. It’s shocking to watch, not least because there were no tech issues!