Cuomo: New York is “Flattening the Curve”

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- New York is still the worst-affected place in the United States when it comes to the coronavirus, but according to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the state is now “flattening the curve.”

What he means by that is that the number of infections and deaths are not rising as steeply as they were in previous days and weeks, suggesting they could soon reach “peak” and see the numbers start going down.

The announcement was made during Thursday’s daily press conference, chaired by Governor Andrew Cuomo. During the press conference, he told journalists that the numbers showed the state is beginning to get control of the outbreak.

“The hospitalization rate does suggest that it’s coming down, and we are flattening the curve,” he said. “We had 200 net increase in hospitalizations, which you can see is the lowest number we’ve had since this nightmare started, actually.”

Cuomo also explained that the number of ICU admission is the lowest they’ve seen since March 19, several weeks ago, meaning the state is certainly managing to take control of infections. Incredibly, the number of intubations are going down, too, according to Cuomo.

“So far, our efforts are working. They’re working better than anyone projected they would work. That’s because people are complying with them,” he said.

As it stands, people across New York are encouraged to stay at home except for essential travel. New York City is under even stricter guidelines, with fines in place for those who leave their homes unnecessarily.

However, Cuomo did admit that this may not be the end of the story. New York has only managed to take control of the virus by making as many people as possible stay at home. As he explained, the Spanish Flu of 1918 hit the country in three waves and the United States is still only dealing with the first wave of the coronavirus.

“We can’t assume that because we are seeing some positive signs this will be over soon or that additional waves won’t hit,” he said.

New York saw its highest number of coronavirus-related deaths on Wednesday when the number spiked at 799.