CRAZY: SJWs Tell Disney to Change “Racist” Splash Mountain

( Just as it looked like Disney World was starting to get back to normal, the SJWs have spoken up and started ruining everyone’s fun. Splash Mountain, one of the most popular rides at the Disney World and Disneyland resorts in California, Tokyo, and Florida, has been labeled by SJWs as racist and a petition was launched to have it “re-themed.”

The petition blasts the ride as offensive. It’s based on the Song of the South, a film made by Disney in 1946 which features Brer Fox, Brer Bear, and Brer Rabbit. Despite being three-quarters of a century old, and despite most children never even having seen the film, SJWs think it is representative of out-of-date ideas, and “romanticizes” the post-Civil War South.

Do these people even listen to themselves?

Despite not everyone having seen the movie, most people know the song. “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” is the theme tune for the ride, and no matter how much kids and adults love it, the petition wants it changed.

“While the ride is considered a beloved classic, it’s [sic] history and storyline are steeped in extremely problematic and stereotypical racist tropes from the 1946 film Song of the South,” the petition reads.

As of Wednesday, the petition had more than 1,500 signatures. That rose to 13,000 signatures as of Thursday afternoon. Now? It probably has way, way more – and with the way companies have been giving in to pressure lately, it’s likely Disney is going to respond.

Disney has previously dismissed the idea of writing off the movie as offensive. Bob Iger, the former Executive Chairman of the company, said that the movie would still be made available on their new Disney+ streaming service, but would come with an “outdated cultural depictions disclaimer.” Because, you know, some people need trigger warnings.

Iger said the movie is “not appropriate in today’s world,” and the very fact they think that should give people reason to worry about the future of Splash Mountain,.

How long until they come after Dumbo?