Crazy: Joaquin Phoenix Gives ANIMAL RIGHTS Speech at Oscars

( – Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix didn’t let down his left-wing Hollywood buddies when he took to the stage at the Oscars to accept his award and whine about every fake injustice going.

The Oscars, along with every other awards show, has in recent years become a national social justice virtue signalling platform for celebrities who want to prove their woke credentials. Phoenix took to the role well, ranting for three minutes about virtually every kind of victimhood you can think of.

“Whether we’re talking about gender inequality or racism or queer rights or indigenous rights or animal rights, we’re talking about the fight against the belief, one nation, one race, one gender or one species has. The right to dominate, control, and use and exploit another with impunity,” he said.

Did you catch all that?

He went on to explain that he thinks the world has become disconnected from the natural world, that we’re guilty of being egocentric, and that we think humans are the “center of the universe.”

More meaningless platitudes from a straight white male desperately trying to fit in with the liberal Hollywood clique…

As if that wasn’t enough, Phoenix didn’t use the rest of the time he was allotted for his speech to thank as many people as possible for getting him the role and making the Joker movie a great success. Instead, he started talking about…artificially inseminating cows.

Yes, you read that right.

“I think we’ve become very disconnected from the natural world…We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and then we take her baby…Then we take her milk and put it in our coffee and our cereal.”


“I think we fear the idea of personal change, because we think we have to sacrifice something, to give something up. But human beings at our best are so inventive and creative and ingenious, I think that we use love and compassion as our guiding principles, we can create, develop and implement system of change that are beneficial to all sentient beings and to the environment.”

This kind of word soup is on the same level as Pete Buttigieg!

Phoenix seems to have a habit of doing this, too. Just a week previous he announced on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall in London that the award show was symptomatic of “systematic racism” because not enough people of color won awards.

Sit down, Joaquin…