CNN Goes Crazy with Anti-Trump Chyrons, Former CNN Anchor Slams Network

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- On Monday, President Donald Trump did something no president has ever done before. During a White House press briefing, Trump exposed media hypocrisy by playing a video showing how news anchors and journalists were playing down the threat of the virus while calling him racist and xenophobic.

The move shocked many, not least CNN. Journalists were forced to sit and watch as President Trump proved they were lying, and it sent the fake news network into meltdown. After cutting away from the briefing, CNN briefly returned to President Trump’s daily conference with snarky chyrons at the bottom of the screen.

Fox News reported that John King, a CNN anchor, quickly referred to the video as “propaganda,” a word picked up by the rest of the network and displayed on screen for viewers to see.

CNN evidently doesn’t like being called out for lying, labeling the president “Angry,” calling his press conference a “propaganda session,” and even saying he “uses task force briefing to try and rewrite history on coronavirus response.”

The network did not provide any evidence proving the video to be false, however. It is true that President Trump assembled a White House Coronavirus Task Force the very same day that the World Health Organization declared the virus a global health emergency. The president even shut down travel from China at a time when Democrats, including presumed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, were calling him xenophobic!

If it wasn’t already evident that CNN was projecting, a former anchor for the network came forward to denounce the attempt at smearing the president. Soledad O’Brien took to Twitter to describe the chyrons as a “mess” and “inappropriate.”

“It’s not Trump vs CNN and they’re playing it that way,” she said. “If you’re running the chyrons AND the presser, you’re failing. It’s pretty clear it’s about exploiting a trainwreck – the opposite of good journalism.”

Not only did CNN cut away from the press conference and use chyrons to make unsubstantiated claims about the president, but they cut to a panel discussion dedicated to attacking and insulting the president.

Erin Burnett focused on the “angry” nature of the president, while refusing to acknowledge the reason why Trump was showing the video.

“The president was very angry,” Burnett said. “Over the past hour and a half or so of trying to rewrite history regarding his response to coronavirus. Coronavirus, as of today, has killed more than 23,000 Americans.”

Burnett did not, however, prove that the president rewrote history or address the fact that the video that was aired showed members of the media dismissing the crisis at a time when the president was addressing it!

Is it any wonder CNN’s ratings are plummeting?