Chris Cuomo’s Wife BATHED IN BLEACH and Used a “Body Charger” to Fight Coronavirus

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- At a time when Democrats and pundits are pushing the lie that President Donald Trump told Americans to drink bleach to treat the coronavirus, it’s interesting to see that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s wife published a blog that encouraged bathing in bleach.

On Wednesday, Cuomo’s wife Cristina published a blog piece titled “The Cuomos’ Corona Protocol, Week 3.” In the piece, she suggests that people should enjoy a warm bath of Chlorox bleach, and to use a “body charger” to help fight against the Chinese virus. It comes after both Cuomos have been diagnosed and recovered from the virus.

“The point of sharing my story is to help people become aware of the various options that are available beyond the overstrained medical system and to give a voice to the scientific advances that could have a real impact on our collective health,” Cristina wrote in the piece.

Let’s get this straight. Because the medical system is struggling in some parts of the country with all the cases of coronavirus, the CUomos think you should listen to them and start bathing in bleach.

And the Democrats and left-wing press think they have the moral high ground, pretending Trump said something he didn’t?

To be fair, Cristina did say that you should consult a doctor first – but if you consult a doctor they’re likely to tell you not to do something as stupid as bathing in bleach.

“I enlisted Dr. Linda Lancaster, who put us on a path of natural remedies to build our immune systems – and it’s working for us,” Cristina wrote. “I am sharing this, but this isn’t a debate. If you think these are far-fetched treatments, think again.”

It’s not up for debate, Cristina says when it comes to the “body charger” idea. This is a device that sends “electrical frequencies” through the body to “oxygenate” blood and “stimulate the healthy production of blood cells” to fortify the immune system.

Let’s be honest. If you want to be protected against the virus, you should probably eat healthy foods, have a healthy lifestyle, wear a mask, and wash your hands plenty.

Don’t bathe in bleach.