Chris Cuomo Makes SNIDE Comments About St. Louis Man Who Protected Home with Gun

( When Mark McCloskey and his wife defended their home against mobs of violent extremists who broke down the gate of their community and started marching towards his house, the media turned on him. McCloskey is wealthy and lucky enough to live in a mansion, and the image of he and his wife standing in front of their historic home holding guns was used widely by far-left activists to suggest that they were being aggressive.

Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor who only recently claimed he was tired of promotion partisan sensationalism…but seems to have backtracked already, made snide comments about the couple on Tuesday during a CNN interview with McCloskey.

“It’s just a horrible picture of what’s going on in America right now, so to me it’s not about what’s right and what’s wrong just in a court of law,” Cuomo said. “It’s about what we want, right and wrong, about how we treat each other and that’s why the president retweeted this tweet, Mr. Watkins. You know it and Mr. McCloskey, you know it.”

Cuomo used the opportunity to grandstand against McCloskey and display his woke credentials but seemed to be getting confused. Rather than listening to McCloskey explaining the genuine terror and fear he and his wife experienced, Cuomo was listening to his headset. A member of the CNN team was reminding him that he was thinking about an entirely different tweet made by the president (in error) which had nothing to do with McCloskey.

And instead of apologizing, he continued attacking McCloskey on live TV rather than listening to what happened.

I wonder what Chris Cuomo would do if an angry violent mob came to his home, threatening to kill his dog and hurt his family?

After McCloskey fired back against Cuomo’s criticism of the president, in which Cuomo suggested Trump “liked the image of white resistance,” Cuomo ended the segment by making snide comments about him.

Curtis Houck of NewsBusters said that Cuomo can be heard making “back-handed swipes at Mark McCloskey as an image of whiteness and opposition to Black Lives Matter, so McCloskey fires back with some [fire].”

Take look:

He asked McCloskey how he feels “about becoming the face of political resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement?”

Bear in mind, McCloskey is a lawyer who helps people down on their luck all day every day – including African Americans.

“First of all, that’s a completely ridiculous statement,” he said to McCloskey. “I am not the face of anything opposing the Black Lives Matter movement. I was a person scared for my life, who was protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood.”

What is wrong with Chris Cuomo?