Chinese Dictator Demands Wuhan Fix “Weak Links” In Public Health System

( Even though China is still spreading the disproven conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was first spread to their country by American soldiers, communist dictator Xi Jinping has told public health officials in the city of Wuhan to fix the “weak links” in its health system.

Jinping admitted major failings in the Communist Party’s handling of public health in the city of Wuhan, and the Hubei province, where the virus first appeared. He encouraged health officials to make “prompt efforts” to fix their “weak links” in a speech last Sunday.

Scientists are currently uncertain over the exact origins of the virus, but do recognize that it first appeared in Wuhan where it quickly spread. Initially it was believed that the virus came from the Wuhan wet market, a dirty market where live wild animals (including bats and dogs) are sold as food. While this is a plausible theory given that other viruses, like SARS, have originated in similar markets, it’s also believed that the virus may have leaked from a bio lab in the region.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology studies coronavirus strains, and the Chinese government has refused to allow foreign scientists and researchers into the facility to see if it could have originated there.

And yet, the Chinese authorities are recognizing the major failings in the city where they say the virus didn’t originate.

Jinping made the comments to delegates during the “Two Sessions,” the annual conferences held by the Communist Party and its two federal legislative bodies, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the National People’s Congress.

According to the Xinhua news agency, a puppet organization that promotes Chinese government propaganda, quoted Xi’ telling delegates that there were failings in their health system. He also reiterated a commitment he made during a speech to the World Health Organization the week previous that China would start developing a vaccine and distributing it to foreign countries for free.

Either it’s an attempt at winning favor with other countries who have purchased millions of tests and masks from the country that don’t work, or they know they’re responsible for the virus outbreak and they’re trying to make up for it.

Xinhua also published photos that showed Xi sitting six feet apart from his deputies and doctors, who were working masks. He, however, did not wear one.