China Gears Up for “Military Struggle” with Taiwan as Planes Spotted Over Taiwanese Waters

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- At a time when the entire world is watching China, the communist country has chosen to go ahead with military drills that threaten Taiwan. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army held the drills, which included warplanes, on Friday near Taiwan in preparation for “military struggles,” according to Chinese media.

The Global Times, a newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, reported that several PLA warplanes, including fighter jets, conducted a long-range drill over the southwestern waters of China, near Taiwan.

The sign of military aggression comes as the country continues to battle the spread of the coronavirus, despite reports claiming the country has seen no new deaths.

PLA warplanes were seen flying over the southwest waters of Taiwan before returning to their bases in China. Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense confirmed the sightings of the planes to the media on Friday.

On the same day, several United States aircraft were also spotted in the region.

“A United States military reconnaissance aircraft was reported flying near Taiwan’s southern airspace Friday, the same day the Ministry of National Defense (MND) confirmed Chinese warplanes were monitored southwest of the country,” Focus Taiwan reported. “A U.S. RC-135U Combat Sent was operating in the South China Sea, according to a flight chart posted on Twitter Friday morning by Aircraft Spots, a military air movement tracker.”

The presence of American military aircraft was a show of support for Taiwan. Despite not recognizing the island as a sovereign state, the United States considers Taiwan an ally. Especially now, as a bipartisan movement to put pressure on China to pay for failing to control the spread of the coronavirus grows, the United States appears more than willing to defend Taiwan against communist aggression.

On March 14, the United States signed the Taiwan Allies and International Protection and Enhancement Initiative (TAIPEI) which formalized the support of the country from the USA. As part of the agreement, the United States withdraws economic support from countries that take steps to undermine the sovereignty of Taiwan.

This is the sixth time that Chinese military aircraft have been spotted in Taiwanese waters, according to the Ministry of National Defense.