British Navy to Ban Words “Manpower” and “Unmanned”…BECAUSE “SEXISM”!

( The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom has fallen to the woke mob. Reports suggest that Britain’s navy will be banning the use of certain words and phrases, including “manpower” and “unmanned” because the woke mob considers them to be sexist.

Women can be strong too, you know!

First Sea Lord Tony Radakin, the head of the British Navy, has reportedly banned the phrases in order to create a more “inclusive” environment for female recruits.

A source from inside the UK Navy told British newspaper The Sun that the “vast majority of people in the Navy accept that some terms are problematic or no longer appropriate.”

“Leadership are keen to ensure that, where practicable, gendered terms aren’t used,” the source continued.

It comes after the Canadian Royal Navy made similar announcements, suggesting that they would be getting rid of the term “seaman.” You know, the term that just refers to a person at sea.

Does any woman really find this offensive, when the term “man” literally refers to humanity?

The British Royal Navy is also looking to get rid of the same word, but no suitable replacement has been chosen yet.

On July 17, the Canadian Navy tweeted a link to an online vote that gives people the chance to have their say on what word should replace “Seaman.”

Anyone remember Boaty McBoatFace? Let’s hope this is another one of those instances. Seaman McSeamanFace has a ring to it.

Not everyone is happy about this, though. One senior officer also told The Sun that they think it is a bad move.

“This is a pathetic, woke distraction from keeping Britain safe,” the officer said. “The only reason to change the labels is if it is a barrier to recruiting women, but recruitment has never been stronger.”

So if recruitment has never been stronger, women clearly don’t care about it. So why, exactly, is the Navy kowtowing to this?

Hey, while we have you, why not go and give the Canadian Navy your thoughts on the link above…