Border Officials Seize 300K Fentanyl Pills, Heroin, and Cocaine At Arizona Border

( Custom and Border Protection officers from the Tucson Sector seized an incredible quantity of fentanyl pills, cocaine, and heroin on June 8. Border officials seized some 300k fentanyl pills, six pounds of cocaine, and a further 25 pounds of heroin from a drug smuggler crossing at the Port of Nogales. A male U.S. citizen was arrested and caught with the drugs as he re-entered the country from Mexico.

Reports describe how border officials saw a pickup truck approaching the border from Mexico, intending to enter into Arizona. When the driver was identified as a United States citizen, he was taken for a secondary inspection of his vehicle. At this point, officers saw that the vehicle was filled with ceramic tiles, seemingly a distraction to hide the drugs and suggest another reason for crossing the border. Officials continued inspection of the vehicle, however, and after opening more of the boxes saw that they contained the drugs.

Border officials emptied the truck and discovered 71 pounds of fentanyl pills, along with heroin and cocaine. The driver was arrested, and the drugs and vehicle seized. The driver was later turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations team where he will be further questioned and investigated. Charges will be filed by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona and border officials will attempt to use the incident to track down various sources of these drugs and prevent the entry of more of it in the future.

“This is a phenomenal seizure by our CBP officers, who in the midst of the current pandemic, still remain focused and carry out the agency’s mission of protecting our frontlines,” the Area Port Director Michael Humphries explained in a press statement.

“In this case, officers prevented nearly 300,000 fentanyl pills, one of the most abused and dangerous opioids from reaching communities throughout the United States.”

Officers said that the value of the drugs exceeded $1 million.

Incidents like this happen all the time at the U.S. border, though are often overlooked because of the news cycle. President Donald Trump promised to build a wall and reinforce border security right at the start of his presidential campaign in 2015, and to this day, his administration continues increasing resources to border control teams who are stemming the tide of illegal drug smuggling.