Border Agents Save Lives of Five Illegal Migrants

( Here’s some news the Democrats wouldn’t want you to see: Border Patrol agents working on the border in South Texas saved the lives of five illegal migrants on July 5. The agents engaged in many rescue efforts to save illegal aliens who attempted to cross the border during some of the highest summer temperatures of the years.

At least four illegal aliens were rescued after they became dehydrated crossing the border from Mexico into the United States, and another illegal alien was saved after being bitten by a snake. The snake bite occurred as the illegal alien was attempting to sneak around a checkpoint.

So much for concentration camps, right?

On July 5, border agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector working at the Javier Vega, Jr. Checkpoint took a call from a local Sheriff’s office relating to a 911 call received. The caller said that they were lost and dehydrated on an abandoned ranch. Border agents used GPS coordinates from the cell phone that called the police to find the migrants. After interviewing the caller, they discovered he was a Guatemalan national that was illegally crossing into the United States. He was given water and transported back to the checkpoints where he was processed.

Minutes later, agents spotted a number of migrants running out of an irrigation ditch. The illegal crossers had attempted to use the ditch to hide from the agents, but they were soon apprehended. While waiting for transportation to arrive, members of the group collapsed from dehydration. After providing first aid and water, an ambulance was brought to the scene and one woman was taken to hospital.

Agents at the Vega Checkpoint then received another call from the sheriff’s office about an illegal migrant who had gotten lost while attempting to cross the border. This person was rescued, given first aid, and again transported away for processing.

On the following Monday, agents at Kingsville Station received a call from the sheriff’s office about one woman who received a snake bite while crossing the border illegally and attempting to walk around a checkpoint. An air ambulance saved the woman and took her to a hospital.

Isn’t it funny how the Democrats would have you think border agents posed a threat to illegals?